2022 Perpetual Reciprocal Invitation

Dear Commodore, Officers and Members
On behalf of Commodore Rachel Park, I bring greetings from Cedar Island Yacht Club! Our officers
and members cordially extend an invitation of perpetual privileges to your members to share our
facilities and enjoy our fellowship at Canada’s Most Southern Yacht Club.
Our fee schedule for 2022 is no charge for the first three nights and $2.00 per foot for additional
nights. This invitation will be extended to subsequent boating seasons. Unless our policy changes or
reciprocal privileges are revoked, we will not be sending letters or cards for 2023 and future years.
Guests belonging to CYA or I-LYA making use of our facilities are asked to fly their Club burgee. We
offer dockage, water, electricity, showers, ice, barbecues, wireless internet access and entry to our
Cedar Island Yacht Club is located on Cedar Creek on the north shore of Lake Erie, two miles west of
Kingsville (N42o 00’ 06” W82o 46’ 07”). We normally enjoy a water depth of approximately six feet.
When entering Cedar Creek, tie up at the gin pole dock on your port side and as soon as possible you
will be directed another dock. Introduce yourself and enjoy our facilities and the sights of the
surrounding area. Dockage is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If an open
well is available, you may be asked to move from the gin pole dock.
Please check with CBSA for locations to clear immigration and complete the Arrivecan app up to 72
hours prior to arrival if arriving from the U.S.
To contact us, visit our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
For more details, visit us on the web at www.cedarislandyachtclub.ca or view us at http://marinas.com/
view/marina/881_Cedar_Island_Yacht_Club_Kingsville_ON_Canada. We hope you join us this
summer and enjoy our facilities.
On behalf of Cedar Island Yacht Club, I wish you a safe and enjoyable boating season.

Sandy Wright