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The CIYC has many social events to enhance these experiences, from pot lucks, regattas, BBQ’s, games, our annual Commodore’s Ball, and joint sailing excursions to Pelee Island and beyond. We have programs and games suited for all ages.  Our clubhouse is well equipped with a comfortable family room, modern kitchen appliances and amenities to host a wide variety of events for our members.  Outside, we have BBQ’s, picnic tables, and a beautiful green space to watch the sun rise and set at the southern most yacht club in Canada.


Social events at CIYC are a part of our heritage, and CIYC is committed to creating fun and engaging events for all our members throughout the year.  Come and enjoy the fun!

aNNUAL '10 Best Wines Under $10' Party 2022

Red Wines: 8 wines present, total of 37 votes

1. Candidato - Spain 7 points
2. Luccarelli Primitivo - Italy 7 points
3. Smoky Bay Savigon - Australia 6 points
5. Citra - Australia 4 points
6. Wolf Blas Shiraz Cab - Australia 4 points
7. The rest of the reds garnered between 2 to 3 points each.

White Wines: 5 wines present, total of 24 votes

1. Gato Verde - Portugal 15 points
2. Toro Bravo - Spain 4 points
3. The rest had 1 or 2 votes




Rating of '10 Best Wines Under $10' Party 2019


As Determined by Members of CIYC


Well, we did it again, and while everyone drank way too much wine, we tried HARD to give a thorough evaluation of the wines presented (based on virtually all the bottles being empty by the end of the night!!). Only 9 wines made the list this year.


Red Wines: 11 wines present, total of 76 votes


1.              Puglia Luccarelli Negroamaro (Italy)                                 13 points - 2nd last year

2.              Canyon Red - Cabernet Sauvigna (California)                   12 points

3.              Fantini Sangiovese (Italian)                                                 11 points - 7th last year

4.              Toro Bravo Merlot (Valencia)                                               11 points

5.              Lab Red (Lisbon)                                                                    9 points

6.              Bono Ventos Red (Lima)                                                         5 points

7.              The rest of the reds garnered between 2 to 3 points each.


White Wines: 3 wines present, total of 11 votes


1.              Naked Grape (Ka Niagara, Canada)                                  11 points

2.              Pinot Grigio (Italy)                                                                 4 points

3.              The 3rd white had no votes


Rose Wines: 1 wine present, total of 7 votes


​1.           Jackson Triggs Rosé (Canada)                                             7 points