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Rating of '10 Best Wines Under $10' Party


As Determined by Members of CIYC


Well, we did it again, and while everyone drank way too much wine, we tried HARD to give a thorough evaluation of the wines presented (based on virtually all the bottles being empty by the end of the night!!). Only 9 wines made the list this year.


Red Wines: 11 wines present, total of 76 votes


1.              Puglia Luccarelli Negroamaro (Italy)                                 13 points - 2nd last year

2.              Canyon Red - Cabernet Sauvigna (California)                   12 points

3.              Fantini Sangiovese (Italian)                                                 11 points - 7th last year

4.              Toro Bravo Merlot (Valencia)                                               11 points

5.              Lab Red (Lisbon)                                                                    9 points

6.              Bono Ventos Red (Lima)                                                         5 points

7.              The rest of the reds garnered between 2 to 3 points each.


White Wines: 3 wines present, total of 11 votes


1.              Naked Grape (Ka Niagara, Canada)                                  11 points

2.              Pinot Grigio (Italy)                                                                 4 points

3.              The 3rd white had no votes


Rose Wines: 1 wine present, total of 7 votes


​1.           Jackson Triggs Rosé (Canada)                                             7 points