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February 5, 2021

Hello CIYC Members


It seems like 2020 is the year that just keeps on giving!


Here we are in the depths of winter in cold SW Ontario and the Pandemic continues to cause us issues!

This means that the clubhouse, of course, is officially closed, no gatherings at the club or property at this time. Feel free to go and check on your boat of course to ensure it is OK and the property is being checked on.

The AGM is tentatively set for April 18 2021 (not sure if in person or ZOOM yet but will keep you updated).

This being said we plan on doing our regular launch in April (date to be confirmed shortly and update will follow) with whatever rules we have accommodate to get it done. That way we will have our boats in the water.

In any case we feel pretty confident that we will be able to get back to something like a "normal" summer as vaccines roll out and we all continue to follow appropriate protocols and our infection numbers get under better control.

So take heart that all that can be done is being done by your executive, we will eventually be back to normal and we will once again be able to gather and enjoy our sport of sailing and the fellowship that stems from it!


​Hello Fellow Members of CIYC
Again, I promised regular updates during this trying time and here is the latest!
As you may know the Provincial Government has eased some restrictions on Marinas and Boat clubs...this is good news!
However, we are still bound to follow Social Distancing Rules and limitations on the number of people who can gather as a group!
1. The Official Club Racing Program this year is on hold until we get the green light from the Province, so as of right now there will be no official program. There will be no Maple Leaf Regatta Scheduled but there is the “potential” for a Labour Day Regatta depending on how the pandemic progresses. Also, depending on when restrictions get removed there is the possibility of a racing
program if the season permits.
2. The Clubhouse will remain closed for the foreseeable future, again, until we get a green light from the Provincial Government.

3. If you chose not to launch this season, it does not affect your ability to get a dock next season.
4. If you chose not to launch, your dry storage cost will be what you were billed for launch + haul out for the 2020 season.
5. If you chose not to launch, your dockage amount you were billed for 2020 will be credited to your 2021 statement.
6. If you chose to launch, but do not wish to install your mast, we are temporarily removing that requirement for the 2020 season only.
7. If you chose to launch, we ask that you provide drop lines for your boat, equal to double the length of your boat, as we may have to lift over some boats and extra length may be required.
8. If you chose to launch, please ensure your dock boards are in by June 4th.
9. The outside washrooms will be open for use at launch. We ask that you follow all posted instructions to ensure their cleanliness  as much as possible.
There may be some extra costs involved in launching this year due to the requirement by Moir Crane to add a ground spotter of their own on all cranes over 70 Tons. So the crane, operating in the front lot, will have the extra crew person which will equate  with some extra cost. At this time we do not know exactly how much this will be.
For launch, we will be working out a schedule for owners to come to club. This launch will be a bit cumbersome and complicated and we ask for your patience.
General Rules for Access:
1. One person per boat. You may bring someone down to your boat to help with a 2 person task but please try and use people already on the property, working on their boats, to minimize people on the property.
2. If a contractor is coming to the club to do a task on your boat, please meet them in your time slot, let them in and if you are not

needed, leave them to their task. Again to minimize people on the property.
3. Please do not set the gate to open and leave it open. This is an open invitation and at this time, we do not need a passerby driving in.
4. Clean up your garbage and take it home.
5. Wear a mask when close to anyone.
6. Do not extend your time past your time allowance.
7. Bring your own hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, etc.
8. The clubhouse AND washrooms remain closed for the present time until we can develop a way to ensure proper sanitization.
9. There will be no picnic tables set up for the time being.
10. Read the COVID Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it before entering property. (Attachment) At this time, I would like to say

Thank You to my Executive for the hard work they have put in and will be putting in over the coming months! This has been a

difficult task for all of us and we are all doing our level best to make decisions that do not put our members’ health in jeopardy!
I also want to Thank You to the Membership of CIYC for their patience and many kind words during this very difficult time!
Stay safe and stay healthy and we will all get through this and sail together again!
Bye for now!
Commodore Mike & The Executive