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RACE 2022

Welcome to Racing at CIYC. The number one objective of our program is to have FUN.


The racing program has something for everyone. It starts with our Wednesday Night weekly 'race around the buoys'. Courses are continually evolving to satisfy the needs of the different boats competing. This isn't simply a Wednesday night sail, the focus is on improving sailing skills on all points of sail. If your primary focus is on cruising, come out on race night anyways. Here you can refine your skills to make cruising safer and more efficient in all sorts of conditions.


We normally have a number of fun weekend races, with parties following. There are currently three ECPHRF sanctioned regattas at the club. These are open to competitors from all clubs and marinas in the area.


The season wraps up with an Awards Banquet. It is open to skippers, crew and of course all CIYC members. Awards are targeted to recognize the many and varied activities of the season. New suggestions for awards are always appreciated.


So come and join in the program. It is another excuse to get out on the water with your boat, have fun, and maybe even learn a few extra boat handling techniques. If you don't have a boat, come out anyways, skippers are always looking for crew and will welcome you to the festivities at CIYC.

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