CIYC Welcomes you to the

2021 Labour Day Regatta

Sunday, September 5th

Feeder Race Sat Sept 4th

Windward/Leeward or Modified Olympic course program or a modified Olympic course.

Rules: All races will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (2017-2020) except where otherwise modified by this Notice of Race and/or the Sailing Instructions. In addition, the following special rules and instructions will apply:


Safety and Navigation Equipment Required: Each vessel must carry any and all safety equipment as prescribed by Transport Canada (Canadian registered vessels) or the US Coast Guard


Due to the current pandemic awareness, the following protocols will be in place:


 Captains are required to sign in their crew between 9:30 and 10:15 on the patio area. Guests should sign in upon arrival.   Masks are required when social distancing is not possible and entering the building.  Please do not congregate inside the clubhouse for any reason.


After the race, please bring a picnic lunch and beverages to enjoy on the property. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply food at this time. The barbecues will not be available. Tables and picnic tables have been set up accordingly. Please do not move them. Maintain proper social distancing at all times.


Masks are required to enter the club to use the washrooms, or to use the outside washrooms. Hand washing/ sanitizing stations are available.


Thank you for your assistance in making this a great, safe event!



1. Radio: All vessels must carry an operational VHF Marine Radio.


2. Personal Flotation Devices: It is highly recommended that all persons on board wear an approved PFD at all times.


3. Identification of Yachts: All yachts must carry sail numbers on both sides of the mainsail, overlapping headsails and spinnakers. Sail numbers must match, and must match what is recorded on the entry form.


4. Inclement Weather: It is each skipper’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of their crew members and yacht. The decision to race or not to race (due to inclement weather or pending weather conditions) is the sole responsibility of the skipper, and each individual crew member, regardless of any decision made by the Race Committee.


5. Classes and Class Splits: PHRF divisions will be provided for Spinnaker and JOG classes, with any splits determined based on the number of entries received, unless otherwise stipulated in the Sailing Instructions. The Race Committee will endeavour to group ratings as closely together as possible, which could result in one fleet having more boats than another.


8. JOG Sail Restrictions: Only one headsail may be carried at any one time (except during a change of sail manoeuvre). Whisker/spinnaker poles may not be longer than the boat’s “J” dimension. Boats taking a roller furling credit must use a roller furling headsail to be eligible for that credit.


Insurance: All yachts will carry a minimum liability insurance of $1,000.000.00. It is understood by signing this race application that you are able to provide the Race Committee proof of insurance if asked to do so.


Eligibility and Entry: All Labour Day weekend racing events are open to yachts sailing under the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) system.


1. Valid Certificate: PHRF ratings will be based on 2019 ratings. Any non-ECPHRF member, holding a valid PHRF certificate from another area, must include a copy of such certificate with their entry. Where this certificate differs from that of a like-boat with an ECPHRF certificate, the ECPHRF PHRF rating will be used. Those without a valid certificate may register and race, and a rating will be assigned from the ECPHRF rating database for that boat. Please note, as this is a FUN race, we will be adding a 6 second a mile credit for outboard motors left attached to the transom of the vessel.