Our Club’s History

This page will be dedicated to the past and to the members who helped build our humble club. Members are invited to submit articles, documents and pictures of events that formed our organization. Send communicationofficerciyc@gmail.com a message if you have something to share. All pictures and documents will be returned to you after scanning.

Canadian Yachting magazine did a three-page spread on our humble little club in their April 2017 edition. Turned out great and you should have a peek at it. You’ll find it here.
Courtesy of Bob Mantyka, this is a very interesting read on the history of the Kingsville area. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 marked the 40th Anniversary Celebration for Cedar Island Yacht Club. 210 invitations were sent out to members, former members and dignitaries for the event. Approximately 180 people attended the event to celebrate 40 Years on the Water, traveling from as far as PEI, South Carolina, Toronto and Guelph.

When the Club was founded there were 10 Charter Members (Bill Atkin, Tom (Yvonne) Bailey, Glen (Pat) Burke, Herbert (Marion Gregory) Dyck, Dave (Scooter) Elcomb, Bob (Lee) Gurr, Bob Harris, Don (Marg) Ross, Ken (Maxine) Shaw, Bernie (Dorothy) Tigwell, our first Commodore). Charter Members, and/or their spouses, who were still available, were given Honourary Memberships to recognize their contributions to CIYC. Others who joined CIYC in 1972, but were not Charter Members, were also recognized (George (Cathy) Alles, Roy (Candy) Coghill, Gene (Judy) Lacey, Hugh (Vera) Newman, Jim (Liz) Norris and Bob (Nancy) Schuele).

One of the highlights of the afternoon was Dave Elcomb’s presentation to Commodore Darlene Priestley of a brass cannon made by Dave in the early ‘70‘s used for the start of Club races. He told the story of someone on the committee boat forgetting to remove the ram rod that pushed the shell in, before the lever was triggered at the start of the race. Someone was too close to the committee boat and received powder stains on their genoa as they crossed the start line. As proof of Dave’s workmanship, the cannon was ceremoniously shot off by Kevin Alles at the Commodore’s Sail Pass.

Commodore Darlene presented the original framed burgee to Yvonne Bailey in recognition of her creating the first burgee. The framed burgee is hung in the club house in her honour.

George Alles, a member of the committee and editor of The Current published a special issued called “I Remember It Well”. It included pictures and stories from present and former members and is available on our website.

A DVD depicting our history over the past 40 years was presented and is available from Dennis Graham, the Chair of the 40th Anniversary Committee.

We also celebrated 40 Years on the Water with a Regatta and Fish Fry on Saturday, July 14th. 22 boats participated in the race and Miss Canada for 2012, Jaclyn Miles, was there to race and present flags to our participating sailors.

From the filing cabinet of the Club’s Historian, Beth Graham.

We’ve all seen them. Those glittery cups on the west wall of the clubhouse. Those reminders of the glory days of race. Yes, they’re all there. But what are they recognizing? Who last won them? Why aren’t they being used now?

Burning questions to be sure. The Executive asked George Alles to find answers to these questions and more. The Race Committee will be dusting these beauties off, awarding those that are still pertinent and re-purposing those whose time has come and gone.

With thanks to George, here are his findings:
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