Social Officer - Wendy Foote

You can contact the Social Officer at
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March 7 - Another message from Aunty Social . . .
I hope the enthusiasm at CIYC lasts throughout the 2017 season!!
We enjoyed a very bright and sunny afternoon on Saturday, great bonfire (my smelly coat continues to remind me) and fabulous food that carried on until about 9pm! We had only ONE duplicate dish and both chilies were fabulous!! Thanks to everyone that brought something to eat!
Thanks to those who helped move the firepit back and forth, contributed wood, as well as those that kept the fire burning. You can always count on our “boys” to play with fire. Lol!!
I’d also like to thank new members,
Wally and Cori Hogan and Tom and Diane Connelly for braving the cold to join us in this new winter event. It was really great to get to know you prior to the start of the sailing season.
The next event to look forward to will be our first ever
Yard “Sail”. This is an opportunity, prior to launch, to clean out the garage, basement or attic of unused sailing equipment. I will be alerting surrounding clubs about our plans in case anyone wants to visit or participate.
February 25 -

Noses are Red
The Sky is Blue
It’s Hot, then Cold
WILL we do?

Hug Your Boat and Bon Fire!

Saturday, March 4, 2017
3 pm until the wood runs out!
Dinner about 5:30ish.

This event is meant to get our juices flowing for the approaching sailing season. While the men ensure there was no wind damage to boats or club property, survey their yacht for lists of pre-launch prep, the women folk will prepare amazing delicacies to be shared by all!! Slightly chauvinistic….sorry!! We can canvas the yard and pick up fallen twigs etc…in prep for upcoming lawn care and for feeding the fire that will roar into the evening.

Hope to see you there!!!

If you’ve been away, bring pictures to share !!!

January 23 -
Our January event was well attended!!! Thor and Debbie did a fabulous job explaining the North Channel in terms of getting there, where to provision, find engine oil and where the best anchorages are in terms of beauty, hiking and shelter from inclement weather.

As Mistress of Ceremonies, I was negligent in thanking them publicly and for this I apologize – I will improve, I promise!! So THANK YOU!! We all enjoyed a night out with good friends, great snacks and an informative talk!!

On February 18
th, Chris Carter will be with us to share his knowledge about CIYC’s property and the shoreline of Lake Erie. A few folks have heard him speak and tell me he is a vast reservoir of facts about Essex/Kent so be ready with questions as I’m sure he will entertain the curious!! In preparation and to tease you a bit, check out for a hint at where Chris’s interests lie.

We will use the same format, perhaps some increased seating will be needed, but please know that snacks to share will be welcomed by the Social Committee.

November 1 - Hi everyone!
I know - it’s chilly and windy - turn on the fireplace and pour the wine!!
We can do this at the Club too!!  I have plans for a few "Lecture Evenings" this winter to take off that chill and keep up with the friend"ships". 

I am
so new to this position and work full-time, so anyone who is willing to give me a hand, please let me know.  Contact me at or leave a message at 519-817-0057 and let me know how you think you might be able to help out this coming year.  I appreciate all communication, even if you just to let me know you can't commit to anything specific, but are willing to take the odd phone call to help out at an event.  Here is a list of potential events that will need some "hands on deck".

AGM pot luck
Pre-launch flea market - clean out garages and see what you can sell
Race committee & race orientation meeting
Launch - soup or chili cook-off
Blessing of the Fleet
Island Girls Sailing Adventure Regatta BBQ
Sail for CF
Maple Leaf Regatta Fish Fry
Labour Day events - Rhumb Line and Labour Day Regattas
Wednesday Night Race food
Regalia sales during events
Ticket sales
Haul-out meal prep and service

We are also looking for champions for the regatta events and a possible organization of "cruising weekends".

Thanks in advance for helping - it looks like this year will be fabulous!!!