Vice Commodore - Warren Ritchie

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February 17
As our winter rumbles along your Executive is toiling diligently on work that will make for a great sailing season.
Speaking of work, one of my tasks this year is to develop a more effective work hour system. The currency of any "self help" club is the work that its members perform to keep the facilities up to date, running smoothly and the events fun.
Every hour you, as a member, contribute is like gold and must not be wasted or treated frivolously.
My Work Hours Committee, which includes Frank Foote and Craig Canniff, will be examining other self help clubs’ policies and will work with the CIYC functional directors to develop a set of guidelines that will provide a clearer definition as to what a work hour is and how best to manage the process.
Art of the Deal
There are two agreements that need to be concluded this year:
1. The "Toot" deal will clarify our working relationship among the Town, Melton Bros. and Erie View Marine regarding the annual dredging of the harbour entrance using our utility tug, Little Toot. Draft wording has been prepared, is in front of Melton's and will be presented to Erie View when Mr. Dick emerges from his hibernation down south. Once these two stakeholders are on board, we will work with the Town to finalize the agreement.
2. The dredging of the harbour is a very costly and unpredictable project. There was a draft agreement with the Town in place but was put on hold pending personnel changes at the Town. As soon as the Toot agreement has been finalized, the negotiations with the Town on this agreement will be resumed.
Visitors Meal Deal
Our pristine coastal/rural location has a small downside - where do our visitors go to eat? I am going to ask our Kingsvillian gastro gems to offer to pick up our guests and take them from our club to their restaurant, let them enjoy their excellent fare and then take them back to their home away from home (CIYC).Win/win! How cool!
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